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Portershed Handcrafted Soap Variety

Portershed Handcrafted Soap Variety

Beautifully handcrafted soaps created by Portershed!



-Citrus and Poppyseed with aloe and Turmeric 

-Oatmeal and Roman Chamomile with Castor oil and Grapefruit seed

-Bergamont and Kawakawa with Castor Oil, Allspice, Charcoal and Peppercorn

- Cinnamon and Jasmine with Aloe

- Manuka Flower and Rose with Aloe and Shea Butter 

-Portershed Coffee with Charcoal

-Eucalyptus and Lemonbalm with Tea Tree 

-Aloe and Loofah with bergamot, Kawakawa and Castor Oil 



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