Gluten Free Vegan Lasagna - Pasta Vera 1.62Kilo

Gluten Free Vegan Lasagna - Pasta Vera 1.62Kilo

​​Frozen Free Flow I  1 Year Shelf Life  I  Fresh Quality Ingredients

Gluten Free Vegan Lasagne
6 x 270g frozen free flow portions


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    Ingredients: Napolitana Sauce (Water, Tomato Paste, Onion, Maps40 (Contains Preservative (220-Sulphites)), Sugar, Salt, Garlic, Canola Oil, Basil), Mushroom, Pumpkin, Spinach Leaf, Red Sorghum Flour, Carrot, Celery, Sweet Potato, Potato, Soy Compound, Onion, Potato Starch, Maps40 (Contains Preservative (220-Sulphites)), Xanthan Gum, Maize Flour, Lemon Juice, Vegetable Stock, Salt, Yeast Flakes, French Dijon Mustard, Garlic, Nutmeg, White Pepper


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