Frozen Cookie Dough 500G

Frozen Cookie Dough 500G

LEVEL 1 UPDATE! As with all perishables.. these will need to be ordered for next business day collection PICK UP ONLY at Portersehd.


If you are wanting shelf groceries shipped nationwide we are still offering this service and warning of slower than usual courier times.

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Portershed Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Can be eaten raw or cooked
simply preheat the oven to 180 deg and slice your semi defrosted dough into thick circles, feel free to adjust to any size you prefer just keep an eye on the cooking time as this may differ. Bake for 15 mins or until golden and hold together when picked up. Let cool & enjoy.




    All products sold at Portershed Specialty Cafe & Store have and will always be 100% vegan.


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    When shipping chocolate or temperature fragile items please check ahead for local temperatures to make sure it is not likely sitting in a hot courier van for too long, we will also do our best from this end to reduce risk also.