F&F's Chocolate Covered Peanuts

F&F's Chocolate Covered Peanuts

A Fabulous Freefrom Factory take on one of the worlds most popular candy coated confections; An instant Vegan hit! Roasted Peanuts coated in a Soya based Dairy Free Milk Chocolate Alternative and wrapped in a crunchy coloured Sugar shell.  55g.


Item Details: 

Made in the UK using the very best natural ingredients by the Fabulous Free from Factory. Dairy Free for over a decade. A Vegetarian Society Approved – Vegan product, certified as Dairy Free.



Sugar, peanuts (rapeseed oil), cocoa butter, soya flour, cocoa mass, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), gum arabic, starch (tapioca), maltodextrin, colours (copper chlorophyllin, safflower, black carrot), glazing agent (carnauba wax).