Batchwell Kombucha Range 375ml

Batchwell is: Uniquely small batched brewed Proudly NZ made Raw and unpasteurised Vegan; gluten and dairy free Never from concentrate Stevia and Erythritol free Bottled in amber bottles to protect the living goodness.


Earl Grey Dry, fruity, floral Our latest offering and our first all tea flavour.

We’ve used black darjeeling tea with organic bergamot oil, and constructed the flavour to give a vibrant nose and a dry mouthfeel with floral, fruity notes. For Earl Grey lovers and skeptics alike. 


Ingredients: Purified New Zealand Water, Organic Sugar, Organic Tea Blend, Organic Darjeeling Tea, Organic Bergamot Oil Organic Kombucha Culture. Braeburn Crisp & refreshing. Made with New Zealand grown organic apples, this easy drinker is our go-to for when the thirst levels are at 100, Ingredients: Purified New Zealand Water, Organic Sugar, Organic Tea Blend, Cold-Pressed Organic Apple, Organic Kombucha Culture.


Cascara In collaboration with Kokako coffee, we bring to you the world's first Fairtrade Certified Cascara Kombucha. We've used cascara (dried coffee cherry) from the Neknasi Coffee Growers Cooperative in Papua New Guinea and fermented a 100 fermented cascara kombucha that has a juicy, umami texture with notes of sour cherry and a long, sweet aftertaste. Ingredients: Purified New Zealand Water, Fairtrade Organic Sugar, Fairtrade Cascara, Cascara Kombucha Culture Motueka Hops Hopped to the nines with organic local Motueka Hops, look no further for bold floral aroma and flavour notes of citrus peel and elderflower. A true specimen that only takes a single sip to either fall or remain in love with the wonderful hop.


Ingredients: Purified New Zealand Water, Organic Sugar, Organic Tea Blend, Organic NZ Grown Hops, Organic Kombucha Culture


Sparkling Cherry / Blueberry Juice

330ml Sparkling Cherry Juice & Cherr Blueberry Bottles by Eden Orchards


Half sparkling water, half Cherry Juice mixture, is a refreshing must have on the go! The perfect size for taking to work, or for the kids after school, it's still preservative and sugar free, but designed for those times when you need a ready to drink treat. 


HEMP Smoothies - Chia Sisters Range

✓ Protein Powerhouse
✓ From Plants
✓ All Natural
✓ Dairy Free
✓ Prebiotic
✓ Recycled glass
✓ Carbon Zero
✓ Bottled by solar power
✓ Living Wage employers
✓ Aotearoa made

Chia Sisters blend hemp seeds, local berries, ground chia seeds, cacao and strawberries to craft two ranges of high-protein hemp superfood smoothie.

Hemp is one of the world's best sources of protein and is one of the only sources of plant protein, along with chia seeds, to contain all essential amino acids (and then some!).

Hemp is rich in omega good fats, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc. This superfood smoothie is high in dietary fibre - prebiotics that are essential for healthy digestion.


The Sparkling Coconut Water Mix - Chia Sisters Range

Grab a mix of Ginger and Turmeric, Lemon, Boysenberry and Blackcurrant Sparkling range.

The Chia Sisters blend fruits and roots from New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific to make four healthy flavours.

Low sugar. Always natural. Zero Carbon.


Bottled by the Sun - Chia Sisters Range

Chia Siters launched Bottled by the Sun in 2018 to celebrate becoming New Zealand’s only solar-powered juicery. Bottled by the Sun is 100% fruit. That means no added sugar, no gluten, dairy, soy, genetically modified ingredients or artificial anything.  

Bottled by the Sun tastes good. So good that in April 2019 it won Best Drink in New Zealand at the Outstanding Food Producer Awards and was voted Best Food from the Earth in New Zealand at the same awards - the first time a beverage had taken home champion status in the category.


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